Frosty Mountain Tree Farm is family owned and operated by Bill and Lynn Garlock and their two children, Jennifer and Allison. Christmas tree farming had been in the family long before we started our business. Bill’s parents owned and operated Garlock Tree Farm for over 35 years. Frosty Mountain Tree Farm was established in the fall of 1985. At that time, the 12-acre farm was home to various types of apple trees and a 50-year-old apple-packing barn.

We knew we had a lot of work ahead of us to transform the apple ranch into a Christmas tree farm. Beginning in 1985, seedlings were planted. With the help and advice of Bill’s parents, and a lot of hard work, we opened the Christmas tree farm in 1988. Now the farm has become a gathering place as much for our family as for our customers. On the weekends we are joined by other family members of our family who drive the tractor, serve up hot apple cider, soda and popcorn and assist the customers in the “old red barn”.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our family farm.
Bill and Lynn Garlock (and Jennifer and Allison too!)