Douglas FirDouglas Fir, Scotch Pine, Sequoia Redwood, Leyland Cypress– Although the majority of the trees we grow are Douglas Fir, we also have a wide selection of other trees to choose from.

Other Farm Features and Opening Times

Noble FirNoble Fir – We offer a beautiful selection of fresh pre-cut Noble Fir. The Noble Fir are cut in Oregon and delivered to our farm in two days. After arriving at our farm, all the trees receive a fresh cut and are immediately placed in water. This attention to detail is what has made us known as the farm that supplies long lasting, top quality Noble Fir trees year after year!


Let us shake your Christmas tree for you for free! Our tree shaker will shake out loose needles so your tree is nice and clean when you get home.


We will wrap your christmas tree in a netting material for only $1.00. This makes the tree easy to transport home without branch damage. It is also much more manageable to move the tree through doorways without scratching woodwork or paint.


We have the world’s simplest tree stand–your tree can be put up in 2 minutes!
We drill a hole in the bottom of your tree (free of charge) and you just pound the spike water stand into your tree when you get home!
No need to worry about those bottom branches, no screws to screw in! It is the best system around! We offer three different sizes of stands. Just check with one of our employees to purchase the one right for you.